Who & Why

InnoVVent LLC is a QFC-licensed boutique expert consultancy company in Corporate Advisory and IT Services, specialized in bringing CEO’s and company-owners the much-needed expertise to navigate some of the real challenges of today’s changing world and competitive landscape.

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From enabling international clients to “localize” operations based on active revenue to Corporate Consulting, from Digital Web Services to Interim Executive assignments, InnoVVent LLC always delivers on its mandate, based on mutually agreed clear targets and KPI’s, with a fixed cost and in a fixed timeframe.

We partner with our clients, we don’t tell them what to do, we do it with them in the business. We commit by understand their objectives and challenges, and tailor our value to their operational limitations, free of bias, office politics and parallel agendas.

We have the know-how, ability and track-record in delivering what we promise. We do want to hear from you and listen to how we might be of value.

    Digital Web Services

    InnoVVent LLC Digital Web Services are designed and executed to help your business with the transition into todays fast and ever changing digital space.

    From your online presence to generating leads from all your online streams, let us handle all the behind the scenes nitty gritty while you focus on business.

    Corporate Consulting

    InnoVVent LLC’s corporate consulting services aim to deliver the highest impact and value while remaining discreetly in the background to ensure unbiased observations, recommendations and implementations.​

    We have delivered on our mandate repeatedly. From optimizing operational cost-base while delivering more profit in declining market to localizing international client’s legal in-country presence while creating multimillion-dollar revenue streams for the future legal entity.

    If you would you like to discuss how Innovvent can grow your business both digitally and efficiently then please get in touch with us today…

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